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Ever since intrepid 60s-era studio pioneers began manually applying pressure to their tape... mehr
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Ever since intrepid 60s-era studio pioneers began manually applying pressure to their tape reels, the jet plane sound of the flanger has been an iconic part of our tonal toolkit. This is uniquely true for us here at Alexander Pedals, as our roots are firmly planted in flanging concepts. Our F.13 and F.13N pedal are benchmarks for flanging excellence.

So when it came time to design our ultimate flanger pedal, we pulled out all the stops to combine all the best tones we love from our original F.13 into the Dynaflanger 213 - weirdness and all. Explore at your own risk (or delight!)

Dynaflanger has ten selectable sound modes, each based on a different phaser effect type. You can tweak these modes to your taste, and you can save any sound to any preset.


Deluxe automatic flanger with all of the bells and whistles. Features a wide- ranging sweep, manual control of delay time for chorus and doubling effects, and a second delay line for through-zero flanging (TZF.)


Volume envelope controlled flanger reacts to your playing dynamics. Envelope detector features a selectable filter to accentuate highs, lows, or full-range input. Independent soft and loud sweep controls allow for fast tweaking.


What could be better than one flanger? Two flangers, of course! Dual independent units with their own sweep generators may be locked together or set opposite from each other using RAT2. Use MONO into one amp or STER into two.


Inspired by a certain “pillowy sound,” this mode connects twin flangers to the dynamic envelope sensor. One flanger sweeps up while the other sweeps down, with controls for the range of each. Use MONO into one amp or STER into two.


FOUR synchronized flangers that each spiral up or down forever, creating an auditory illusion like a never-ending staircase. Try a very slow sweep with the RESO turned way up for maximum anxiety.


Rhythmic step-sequenced flanger with eight selectable patterns. Sounds like of like a transforming robot toy TV show. Use MIDI commands to edit Pattern 8 and save in your presets.


You might also call this one a poly chorus. Up to 800ms of echo wrapped into a versatile flanger, resulting in a very radio friendly unit shifter. Flange may be placed either before or after the echo for genius tom-tom sounds.


Large hall reverb feeding into our automatic flanger. This one is great for lush dream-pop or shoegaze tones, like you might hear in a four-calendar café.


Flanger feeding a randomized filter for classic 1970s “sample and hold” effects. We put this mode in the pedal for a very specific type of user, and you folks know who you are. Ship ahoy!


You may notice that extreme settings of this pedal result in “choppy” audio, which sounded so cool we built a whole mode around it! This one runs a flanger through a variable-wave amplifier, for fade, chop, and tremolo effects. And if you don’t like the choppy audio in the other modes, turn the RESO knob down a little.

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