Cooper FX Arcades - LoFI Card

Cooper FX Arcades - LoFI Card
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Die LoFI Card für das Cooper FX Arcades beinhaltet folgende Effekte: 1. VHS - tape/vhs... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cooper FX Arcades - LoFI Card"

Die LoFI Card für das Cooper FX Arcades beinhaltet folgende Effekte:

1. VHS - tape/vhs emulation with pitch modulation and bandwidth reduction

a. Wow - random slower modulation

b. Flut - random faster crinkly modulation

c. LPF - low pass filter cutoff frequency

d. HPF - high pass filter cutoff frequency

2. Vinyl - emulates the sound of an old vinyl, with bitch bends, filtering, crackly static, and hiss

a. RPM - rate of the vinyl’s modulation

b. Dpth - depth of the warping on the vinyl

c. Age - adjusts the amount of filtering and saturation

d. Nois - introduces static hiss and crackling pops

3. Crusher - aggressive filtered and crushed square wave/synthy voice

a. Sen - sensitivity of envelope filter

b. Det - detunes secondary voice

c. Sub - level of the third sub octave voice

d. Res - resonance of envelope filter - can get really loud and aggressive

4. Delay - low fidelity delay with sample rate reduction and random modulation

a. Time - delay time, tap tempo available

b. Fbk - feedback level

c. SRte - sample rate of delay, Counter clockwise is very lo fi

d. Flut - random flutter modulation amount

5. Reverb - warbly dusty sounding reverb with less than optimal reverberation smearing

a. Dcy - decay of reverb

b. Mod - amount of warble modulation

c. Nois - amount of hiss in the reverb signal

d. LPF - low pass filter cutoff frequency

6. RngMod - ring modulator with ability to randomize frequency

a. Freq - frequency of the ring modulator

b. Fine - fine tune the frequency of the ring modulator

c. Rand - probability of the Freq control to be randomized

d. Rspd - speed of the randomizer

7. BitVrb - reverb with digital sample rate reduction applied to the trails

a. Dcy - when fully CW, the reverb loop is frozen

b. Diff - diffusion of reverb taps, adjustable from discrete delay like taps, to smeared washy reverb

c. Digi - sample rate of reverb tail

d. Amnt - blend between normal reverb and the digitized crushed signal

8. Synth - samples a chuck of your sound and re imagines it as a synth like voice

a. Sen - sensitivity of the envelope triggered sampler

b. Crsh - amount of digital distortion/crushing applied to synth voice

c. Filt - filter cutoff frequency

d. Atk - attack, or time for the envelope filter tor each its max frequency

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