GFI Duophony

GFI Duophony
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The GFI System Duophony is a mono/stereo parallel blender pedal of unparalleled depth and... mehr
Produktinformationen "GFI Duophony"

The GFI System Duophony is a mono/stereo parallel blender pedal of unparalleled depth and flexibility, allowing the user to blend two separate signal chains of any kind in myriad different ways.

Its rotary touch slider mix control is both intuitive and eye catching, requiring but a swipe of the finger to tweak the blend ratio of Duophony’s X and Y loops.

Each loop is further equipped with dedicated, easily accessible controls, including gain, dry level, phase, trails (for reverbs and delays), and there’s even an onboard modulation engine with its own expansive control set.

Duophony offers three parallel blend modes for its loops, two routing options (parallel or series), and 16 presets organized into eight banks.

Besides the touch slider on the face of the pedal, each of Duophony’s knobs is also a button, allowing quick access to any parameter while keeping the user interface clean and simple.

Options for outboard expression, aux switching, and MIDI control round out Duophony’s exhaustive feature set, making it the ultimate effects blending workstation for the dedicated sonic adventurer.

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