KingTone Blues Power

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The Blues Power is a truly transparent overdrive, renowned for its versatility and for... mehr
Produktinformationen "KingTone Blues Power"

The Blues Power is a truly transparent overdrive, renowned for its versatility and for producing ‘always-on’ amp breakup tones. This pedal delivers a full-range, amp-like tone with responsive bass and treble controls. Its wide-range drive control allows for a broad spectrum of overdrive effects. Side switches provide adjustments to the mid-frequency range, compressed drive, and KingTone Switch tones. Additionally, the volume control offers ample output to drive even the most stubborn tube amps. With these combined features, the Blues Power might just be one of the most versatile overdrive available. This is a mighty overdrive indeed.

• Silent Switching

• Cranked Mode - Pushes The Second Drive Stage For Rich Saturated Tones

• KingTone Setting Fattens The Tone And Adds Edge Bite For a Unique Massive Tone

• RGB LED - Set The LED To Any Color

• Protected Knobs - No More Cables Or Feet Messing With The Settings But Still Easy To Adjust.

• External Dip Switches For Easy Fine Adjustment

• Custom Designed CNC Case

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