KingTone Rise - Treble Booster

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  • 52009
  • Kintone
The RISE is a reimagining of the classic germanium treble boosters of yesteryear. The RISE is... mehr
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The RISE is a reimagining of the classic germanium treble boosters of yesteryear. The RISE is a Boost, a Drive and a Fuzz all in one. Use the RISE to overdrive a tube amp or push an overdrive pedal into smooth/creamy saturation. The highly interactive controls on the RISE allow for tones varying from deep fuzz to super bright, glassy clean sounds and everything in between. The tone control allows you to tailor the sound even further, soften the fuzz tones, or brighten the clean tones. The RISE is a pedal with 100s of unique tonal possibilities. It is an overdrive, a fuzz, a clean boost, and an insane tube’y, glassy monster tone machine.

• Classic Germanium Boost, Clean, Overdrive, Fuzz

• Ge and Si Switchable for the Best of both Worlds

• Adjustable “Glass/Edge” Amount via Side DipSwitch

• Cut and Boost Tone Control

• Authoritative 60s and 70s Classic Tones

• Clean Knob allows you to go from Fuzz to Overdrive all the way to Bright Glassy Clean tones

• Full/Fat, Vintage and Overdrive toggle switch changes the Voice of the RISE pedal

• High Output Volume can easily overdrive any tube amp

• Can be powered from a standard isolated power supply

• Top Mounted Jacks

• 9v Battery or DC

• Custom Kingtone CNC Aluminum Case

• Laser Engraved, 100% permanent and will last a lifetime

• Custom Aluminum Knobs

• HandMade in California with the very best sounding components

Size / Dimension - 4.8 x 2.5 (125mm x 68mm)Height - 2.1 (53.00mm)

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