KingTone Switch Duet

KingTone Switch Duet
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Opens The Door To Tone. This version of the Kingtone Switch is especially designed for... mehr
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Opens The Door To Tone.

This version of the Kingtone Switch is especially designed for two pickup, two volume control guitars. The DUET features a dual KingTone Switch circuit, one for each pickup. This brings the power of the KingTone switch seamlessly to dual volume guitars.

The Kingtone Switch DUET gives you tones you didn’t know your guitar could make. Adds fatness and edge to your tone. Better vibrato tracking. String bending becomes more articulate. Adds a tube’y, hollow quality to every note. It only takes 5 minuets to install.

• Works With Any Dual Pickup, Dual Volume Guitar

• Easily Fits Inside Your Guitar

• 6 Tone Positions

• Works Alongside Your Remaining Tone Control.

• True Bypass

• 5 Minute Easy Install. Install Video Here or Here

• Opens Up A Huge Range Of Incredible Tones

• The Remaining Tone Becomes A Master Tone Control

• Works with all Humbucker or Single Coil Guitars (not recommended for active pickups)

• Knurled Split Shaft, Fits Any Standard Push On Guitar Knob (Knob Not Included)

• Made for Wood Bodies or Pickguards, The Longer Shaft Fits Them All

• If there is a secret to great tone this might be it. Really!

The design is 100% passive meaning you don’t need a battery. Its super easy to install, just three wires to connect to the volume pot. Easy!!This is what Guitar World had to say about it.

Its true bypass so it won’t effect your normal tone, but will you want to go back to your normal tone?

The Sound.

1. True Bypass, Your Normal Tone Is 100% Un-Effected

2. Focused, Removes Ice Pick Tones

3. Adds An Edgy Bite To The High End Whilst Fattening The Tone

4. Thick Humbucker Lead Tone, Vibrato and Note tracking

5. Darker, More Edgy. Slow Blues Tones

6. Albert/BB - What Can I Say The Switch Was Named After Them.

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