Spaceman Explorer Silver

Spaceman Explorer Silver
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The perfect vehicle for your auditory adventures - easily flowing with the current of your... mehr
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The perfect vehicle for your auditory adventures - easily flowing with the current of your imagination, as you swirl along on your melodic voyage.

The Explorer is an optical, photocell based analog phaser, featuring six swept stages. The unique control set provides an incredible range of ornate phasing with several selectable waveshapes, dedicated mix and volume controls, and CV capable expression input. We are excited to revisit this classic Spaceman circuit, now available in a smaller pedalboard friendly enclosure, with all of the deluxe features of the original. Sometimes liquidy smooth, sometimes chewy and lush, the fluid frequencies squiggle and flourish like the unrelenting ebb and flow of the sonic tide.

Explorer Standard Edition colorways offer vivid visual appeal to match their breathtaking tonality and thoughtful functionality.

All analog signal path

6 stages of optically swept phase shifting

Wide range LFO with 5 waveshapes

Manually swept filtering abilities

Up to 24V capable for high headroom use cases

CV/EXP options for even more user control

Full featured controls in a compact form factor

Hand-wired and built in Portland, Oregon, the Explorer features true-bypass relay switching with a soft-touch footswitch. On top of the cast-aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and jewel indicator light. This pedal is built to last a lifetime, both on Earth or in the vacuum of space.

  • Input Resistance: 1M Ohm

  • Bypass Current Draw: 26mA

  • Engaged Current Draw: 51mA

  • Expression / CV: 0-5V DC via TRS jack

  • Input Voltage: 9-24V DC, negative center via the 2.1mm jack

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