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Limited edition ZVEX Box of Rock Clear! The Box of Rock Clear boasts an enclosure made of... mehr
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Limited edition ZVEX Box of Rock Clear! The Box of Rock Clear boasts an enclosure made of Lexan, the same material used for bulletproof glass and airplane windows - so stomp as hard as you want. Otherwise, the Box of Rock Clear offers the same “1966 Marshall JTM45 turned all the way up” tone as the original, along with a high-headroom low-noise boost. Produced in limited numbers in a transparent enclosure with colored LEDs on the inside.

As with all ZVex effects, the simplicity of control layout is part of its charm. The Box of Rock has only Volume, Tone, Drive and Boost to let you dial in your tones. The construction process includes copper shielding of the circuit board, input and output cables and also grounding of the stomp switch body. Each one of these limited edition Clear Box of Rock pedals is hand-wired in Minneapolis, MN and hand-soldered by Shoua Thao, the same assembler who has built all of the hand painted guitar effects for ZVex for the last 24 years. Each pedal is also true bypass, so it won’t mess with your guitar tone when not engaged.

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