Disaster Area Smartclock Gen3 Tap Tempo Controller

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The SMARTClock Gen3 is simple to use - just tap the footswitch and all your gear will... more
Product information "Disaster Area Smartclock Gen3 Tap Tempo Controller"

The SMARTClock Gen3 is simple to use - just tap the footswitch and all your gear will synchronize to its internal clock.

Don’t feel like tapping in the time? Spin the illuminated knob to set the tempo in 1.0 or 0.5 BPM increments for more precise adjustments.

Tap the knob to view or change the subdivisions or output settings for each jack, then hold the knob to save the current settings to a preset.

Hold the footswitch down to advance to the next preset. You can even set the number of accessible presets so that you only use what you need.

Each tempo preset allows you to specify a tempo in BPM or milliseconds, as well as subdivisions or toggle settings for each of the 4 outputs. You can also set the SMARTClock to send a MIDI Program Change to an external MIDI device.


  • Blue LED display shows tempo in Beats Per Minute or milliseconds.

  • Two (2) isolated optical relay powered Tempo Outputs or Function Switch Outputs.

  • Two (2) MultiJack connectors can function as Tempo Outputs, Function Switch Outputs, Footswitch Inputs, or MIDI Outputs.

  • MIDI Clock output synchronizes all connected MIDI devices.

  • MIDI input and output with full thru and merge functionality.

  • Multi-Jack functions as tap tempo input, third Tempo Output, or additional MIDI output (requires adaptor cables.)

  • Internal DIP switches to customize each output.

  • Tap Tempo mode with selectable tap subdivisions for each output.

  • Up to 128 user-accessible presets with user-definable names.

  • Receives external MIDI clock from a computer or other device, Tempo Outputs sync to incoming clock.

  • Sends tap signals and clock from 30-300 beats per minute.

  • Available subdivisions include Quarter, Dotted Eighth, Quarter Triplet, and Eighth Notes

Compatibility - Tap Outputs:

The SMARTClock Gen3 is compatible with virtually every pedal or effects unit equipped with a remote tap tempo input jack. In toggle mode, the SMARTClock outputs can work as a “fixed expression” control with many devices. Please note that some devices may require the use of a TRS / stereo cable or to have the SMARTClock’s pull-up resistors enabled for certain functions.

  • Alexander - Tap: History Lesson, Super Radical, Oblivion, Radical Delay ][+, Chesapeake, Equilibrium DLX

  • Alexander - *Favorite: Super Radical, Oblivion, Radical Delay ][+, History Lesson

  • BOSS - Tap DD-500, RV-500, MD-500, SY-300, DD-5, DD-7, DD-20, PH-3, AW-3 (requires connected output set to normally closed.)

  • Catalinbread - Semaphore

  • Chase Bliss - Tap All pedals except Brothers

  • Chase Bliss - Favorite All pedals

  • Cusack - Tap-A-Whirl, Tap-A-Delay, Tap-A-Phase, Tap-A-Scream, more. (requires 1/4 to RCA cable)

  • Disaster Area - Gen2 (DMC-3XL, DMC-4, DMC-6D, DMC-8D, DMC-7, DMC-6L, DPC-5) and Gen3 (DMC-3XL, DMC-4, DMC-6, DMC-8, DPC-5, NNB)

  • Electro-Harmonix - Tap: Deluxe Memory Man with Tap 1100 / 550, Super Pulsar

  • Electro-Harmonix - Expression: HOG2, Pitch Fork, Cock Fight, more

  • Eventide - H9, Timefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor, Space

  • JHS - Panther, Panther Cub, Emperor, Unicorn

  • Line 6 - *Favorite / Expression: AM-4, DL-4, DM-4, MM-4, M5, M9, M13. Not compatible for tap tempo with Line 6.

  • Matthews Effects - Conductor

  • Strymon - Tap: Timeline, Mobius, BigSky, Flint*, Deco*, Dig*

  • Strymon - *Favorite: Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Lex, Riverside, Sunset

  • Walrus Audio - Tap: Bellwether

  • Walrus Audio - *Favorite: Vanguard, Descent (use expression pedal input)

*Most pedals require TRS cable and pull-up resistor enabled for favorite or expression control. Some Strymon products require TRS cable and pull-up resistor for tap tempo.

Compatibility - MIDI Clock:

  • Alexander - Oblivion, Super Radical

  • Boss - DD-500, SL-20 Slicer

  • Chase Bliss - All pedals except Brothers

  • Empress - Echosystem, Reverb, Tremolo2, Phaser

  • Eventide - H9, Timefactor, Modfactor, Pitchfactor, Space

  • Electro-Harmonix - 8-Step Program

  • Line 6 - M5, M9, M13, more

  • Meris - OttoBit Jr.

  • Moog - MF-104M Delay, MF-104MSD Super Delay, MF-105M MIDI MurF, MF-108M Cluster Flux

  • Pigtronix - Echolution 2 (including Deluxe and Filter / Filter Pro,) Infinity

  • Source Audio - Orbital, Manta, Stingray, Gemini, Lunar, Mercury (All require use of Soundblox or Neuro Hub,) Nemesis Delay, Reflex

  • Strymon - Timeline, Mobius, BigSky

  • TC Electronic - Flashback X4, Alter Ego X4, Flashback Triple Delay, Ditto X4,

  • Z-Vex - Super Seek-Trem, Super Ringtone, Super Seek-Wah

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