Alexander Pedals Defender Stargate Drive

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The Alexander Pedals Defender combines 3x powerful distortion units with 3x modulation and... more
Product information "Alexander Pedals Defender Stargate Drive"

The Alexander Pedals Defender combines 3x powerful distortion units with 3x modulation and filter effects to create a versatile sound source for solo and rhythm sounds. An overdrive, distortion or fuzz can be assigned to a polyphonic octave shifter, short delay or a resonant low pass filter for synth and wah-like sounds. A special feature of Alexander’s Defender is the Warp mode, which fades 2x different effect settings into each other.

Control options:

  • Select: For choosing the different effects types

  • Drive: Controls the amount of drive, saturation, and distortion of the effect.

  • Light: Controls the treble or brightness of the distortion effect or the cutoff frequency of the filter if FLT is selected.

  • Matter: Controls the bass or depth of the distorted tone or the resonance / feedback of the filter if FLT is selected.

  • Level: Adjusts the overall output level of the Defender. The pedal has quite a bit of volume on tap, enough to overdrive your amp.

  • (Warp): Adjusts the speed of the WARP control. With this control at minimum the Defender will warp between the red and blue settings instantly. With the control at maximum the pedal will take approximately 10 seconds to warp.

  • (Blend): Mixes the clean signal (fully counter-clockwise) with the distorted signal (fully clockwise.) This is a really crucial control for using the Defender with bass or low-tuned guitars, allowing you to dial in some clean signal to increase the articulation.

  • (Tweak): Adjusts the special effect for each distortion mode.

The EXP port on the left side can function as an expression pedal, foot switch input, or a MIDI input.


  • Pedal type: Digital Distortion/Overdrive/Fuzz pedal with built-in effect processor

  • Suitable: for Guitar

  • 4 Presets with different distortion sounds - expandable to 16 with external MIDI controller.

  • Power operating: Works only with external 9vDC power supply (center negative) - No battery

  • True Bypass

  • Dimensions: B/H/L: 2,6" / 2,1" / 4,76"

  • Made in USA

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