Cooper FX Arcades - Generation Loss Card

Cooper FX Arcades - Generation Loss Card
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The Generation Loss Card for the Cooper FX Arcades includes the following effects: 1.... more
Product information "Cooper FX Arcades - Generation Loss Card"

The Generation Loss Card for the Cooper FX Arcades includes the following effects:

1. W+F

Wow and flutter patch. This one focuses on the phenomena wow and flutter often found of magnetic media like tapes. Wow describes low frequency pitch variations (like a vibrato in guitar terms). Flutter describes high frequency pitch jumps and really Creates the sound of garbled tape. WSPD sets the speed of the wow, and WDPT sets the depth of this modula-tion. FDP Tallows you to control the amount of flutter. the flutter can be smooth or distorted and crinkly. to adjust this characteristic of flutter, the FCHR will increase harsh tape irregularities as you turn it CW.


The fidelity side of the generation loss. Filtering, noise, and sample rate reduction are key here. LPFand HPF adjust the cutoff frequencies of low and high pass filters, respectively. The GEN knob lets you dial back the quality and digitize the audio by reducing the sample rate. Not something found on analog media, but a nice tool to have with any lofi manipulator. The NOIS knob blends in some extremely unique noise and dirty flutter characteristics. This is the key textural aspect of the generation loss.


Combining the wow and flutter characteristics from the W+F patch with the filtering options from the FIDELITY patch gets you a pretty nice sounding VHS emulation. WOW and FLUTcontrol the amount of wow and flutter, respectively. LPF and HPF set the cutoff frequencies of two independent low and high pass filters, respectively. this patch borrows heaviliy from my work on the CHASE BLISS AUDIO version of the generation loss.


The second combination, COMBOB, is the closest in my opinion to the original generation loss. It takes the full wow section with independent speed (SPD) and depth (SPAN) controls from the first version of the generation loss. The AGE control leans into the low pass filter, some slight high pass filtering, and a boost in noise levels. DIST is akin to the NOISE MOD version of the generation loss. It adds tape crinkle and distortion (not saturation) to the signal and a little more harsh-warble.


a vhs inspired delay. TIME and Mk are familiar to most delay users, and set the time and feedback of the delay. OF ad-justs the cutoff frequency of a low pass filter applied to the repeats. turn it CCW for dark repeats. the NO/Scontrol ad-justs the amount of random tape fluctuations and hiss put on the delay trails.


Vintage time capsule. SPDsets the speed and DPTsets the depth of a random vibrato modulator. SHPEadjusts the smoothness of the random modulator from sharp squared edges to smoothed out peaks and valleys. See the SHAPE note. DYNA adjusts how filtering and volume charac-teristics of the effect respond to your playing dynamics.


recreates sound of a cd skipping. S/ZEdictates how big a chunk of audio is glitched upon skipping. ACT is the action of skipping and is an envelope sensitivity or lfo speed control depending on the SRCE knob, see the ACTION note below. RAND dictates the probability of the SIZE knob getting randomized on each triggering event.

SRCE action note

The SRCE knob sets the source of the CD skipping. left of center, envelope trig-gers skipping. right of center an lfo triggers the skipping.


An attempt to simulate the sound of a bad radio signal. STAT dials in the amount of hiss and static noise. LPFand HPF let you tune in on the frequency bands you are desired in retain-ing or cutting. INTR or interference creates random volume drops. Sounds like the car radio during a bad storm.

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