Cooper FX Arcades - Reverse Card

Cooper FX Arcades - Reverse Card
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The REVERSE Card for the Cooper FX Arcades includes the following effects: 1.... more
Product information "Cooper FX Arcades - Reverse Card"

The REVERSE Card for the Cooper FX Arcades includes the following effects:


Standard reverse delay with some fun add-ons. PlT sets the pitch and playback speed of the reverse delay. CCW is full tape stop, noon is no pitch shifting or regular speed, and fully CW is double speed or octave up. Turning up SHUF, or shuffle, will randomly shuffle the delay between going forwards and backwards. Turn fully CCW for no directional shuffling.


delay with playback speed and direction quan tized into octaves. P!Tdetermines the play-back pitch/speed and direction. From reverse to forward is a smooth unquantized tape stop effect.


Same as program 2, but with the PlT knob quantized to fifths.


Two pitch shifted reverse delays for crystalline like textures. BAL sets the balance or mix between the two delays. CCW you will hear P-land CW you will hear P-2. P-land P-2set the pitch of the respective delay line, from an octave down to an octave up. FBK is an additive feedback loop for aggressive decay.


This mode removes the FRZ knob and replaces it with SENS, or sensitivity. the sensitivity is used to adjust the level of the instrument going into an envelope detector. When you trigger the envelope detector with your playing dynamics, the signal within the delay line is frozen and infinitely repeated. PITis quantized as it is in program 2, see OCT note. HARM will add ascending 1 additive feedback signal into the delay line when the envelope is active.


A reverse delay with sinusoidal modulation on the repeats. MDPT sets the depth and type of modulation. MSPD sets the speed of the modulation.


Reverse delay with lofi style wow + flutter and noisy modulation on the tails. The PlT knob is quan-tized as shown in the lofi note. LOFl determines the amount of degradation occurring.

8. ARP

Arpeggiating reverse delay. This patch has three reverse delay lines: one at an octave down, one at root, and one at an octave up. Only one of these lines is heard at a time. Their playback is randomly selected at a rate determined by the SPD knob. The FADE knob sets the amount of smooth crossfading that is occurring. With this knob set CCW the arpeggiator slowly blends between each delay line, creating a dreamy texture. Turning it CW will make the blend sharper and more aggressive.

Tap tempo note: Tap tempo is available in almost all modes, excluding DUAL and ARP. It should be noted that tap tempo will only be in time if you have the PIT knob set to ROOT. Because the other settings speed up or slow down the playback, tap tempo will tap in a multiplier. For example if you have the pit knob set to an octave up, the tap tempo speed you tap in will be at half speed of what you hear, since oct+ means double time playback.

frz note: Most modes have a knob labeled FRZ short for freeze. this knob controls the amount of non additive feedback. when turned fully CW, the signal is frozen, meaning incoming audio is muted and the sound in the delay line is repeated infinitely.

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