Newsbeitrag Nr. 1

A journey into sound…

Rainger FX are inviting you to take part in an experiment in tone-shaping discovery…. This mini-pedal makes no sound at all until you pour liquid into it - any kind at all - and the various qualities of that liquid decide the amount - and to some degree the quality - of the distortion, and also the amount of treble and bass. What you use to do this is entirely up to you - any sort of mixture you can dream up!



  • Choose your own liquid combination to create your own sound!

  • Simple - yet completely innovative!

  • Incorporates green ‘analysing’ LED (to show signal present)

  • Tasty mirrored-finish box

  • Interactive like no other pedal before - use your imagination to discover your own sound!

  • Rainger FX custom mini-pedal enclosure - with no sockets on the side! (No - really!!


Minibar Video

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