Human Gear HG-2 White

Human Gear HG-2 White
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  • HG102013
  • Human Gear Guitars
Model HG2 Custom White Classic looking Guitar with a Mahagoni Top. Improved Sound... mehr
Produktinformationen "Human Gear HG-2 White"

Model HG2 Custom White

Classic looking Guitar with a Mahagoni Top. Improved Sound Quality due to our uniqe ACS System. This Guitar offers you endless Sustain, harmonics and excellent playability.

Features :

  • Mahagoni Body with Mahagoni Top and ACS System

  • Mahgoni Neck with Ebony Fingerboard

  • Tune o Matic Bridge

  • Schaller ST6 Tuners

  • Custom Human Gear Humbuckers

  • 2 Volume

  • 2 Tone Controls

  • Color : black

  • String Set up : 10-46

What is ACS :

The Advanced Chamber System (ACS) was developed by Master Luthier Jörg Tandler in order to reduce the weigh of the Guitar but without changing the basic sound.

With normally Chambered Guitar Bodys the Guitars Basic tone will change in the direction to a more Semi/Hollow Sound. In order to avoid this several smaller chambers will be placed at key positions within the Guitar Body. The result is a Full Body Tone but with reduced weight.

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